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Halloo! When I found out I could go to med school with a Humanities degree with an Ethnomusicology emphasis, I almost peed myself. Here's to me holding it in.

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I'm still figuring out what all this is for. A blog is a crazy thing, and an academic blog is a crazy subtype of a crazy thing. Sometimes I treat this space as a venting ground, sometimes as a place to work out ideas on paper (usually followed by a realization of why those ideas need to be seriously tweaked), and sometimes it's just a place to be creative and share cool things with the good folks who take the time to check it out.

At the moment, I am transitioning into making this an interactive place to be able to listen to great music and get a feel not only for the music of the people in Bylakuppe, where I will be conducting a field study this summer, but also a place to get a feel for Music itself/himself/herself. I'm with Victor Wooten - Music is Life, and Life is Music, and because Life is alive, Music is alive as well. In trying to articulate the truth of this, sometimes I will use words, sometimes I will use sound, and sometimes I will use video. If Music really is Life, than Music could never be restricted to the aural realm only, but must necessarily exist in all the other realms as well. If you want to get deep into these ideas, read my project proposal - I use different, more academic words there, but I'm saying the same thing.

Anyway, the truth is, I'm writing this blog because I love music, and I love people, and I think when music and people get together beautiful things happen. So let's get together, eh?