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Halloo! When I found out I could go to med school with a Humanities degree with an Ethnomusicology emphasis, I almost peed myself. Here's to me holding it in.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

I am slightly repurposing this blog, partly because I don't want to make a new one, partly because the few people out there who have read what is on here already will probably dig what's coming down the chute.

For the field studies prep class, we are required to have a blog to keep track of and share what we've learned, what we're thinking, etc. So, as Lori and I prepare to go to Bylakuppe, India, come here to stay updated on what I'm up to. Check out Lori's blog too: http://lorisindiablog.blogspot.com/

To the folks in the ISP program who will read this, feel free to check out any older posts. They're mostly my papers from the graduate world religions course I was allowed/privileged to take in the fall of '11, and several have direct relevance to my study in India.

The picture above is of Techung, a wonderful Tibetan musician who has been kind enough to assist me in making contacts in India. Give him a listen at www.techung.com.

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