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Wednesday, April 11, 2012


Turns out I forgot to do a post today. It's strange that we have a post due on the most momentous day of the semester, but c'est la vie.

We turned in our proposals today. That means that once I turn in a revised IRB form, per the IRB's wonderful and concise instructions, I am done with the major stuff. We have a joke final, which is often the case in these classes, and a marathon planning session left. I think that's pretty much it.

Lori and I are psyched to pick up our rad ISP backpacks, get our last shot, and get the heck out of here. I am so done with academia for a while, and so is my wife. Sure, we'll be checking in with the program and doing assignments from time to time, but the assignments seem well-designed and purposeful (not to mention fun), and we only have to talk to the interwebs  every two weeks or so. I look forward to an experience that will not be more real than what I am doing now (life is real whether or not it seems that way and regardless of whether or not you like the reality you're in), but will rather be real in a different way. It will be a step outside the usual paradigm of homework, paid work, trips to Smith's for groceries, and all these darn white people. In my Grandpa Hilton's vernacular "somethin' different" is the highest praise available ("aggravatin'" is the harshest derision available), and this will certainly be "somethin' different." It will probably be aggravatin' from time to time as well, but from what I can see from here it will be aggravatin' in a different way than I am used to experiencing, and that excites me as well.

I'll put my project proposal, all bajillion pages of it, on this blog shortly. If any of you are incredibly bored, give it a read.


  1. love this post. isp backpacks?!?! tell me more!!!!!!! can i get one? how much?

  2. Go to the Kennedy Center! ASAP!

    They are about $7000, but they come with a free trip to India.