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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Classes Under Consideration

I just took a tour through BYU's entire course list, and I found some classes that might work for the other three credits of the field study (I've got 3 from IAS and 3 from music pretty much locked up). I'm not planning on necessarily taking any of these below, but the fact that they are taught means that there are some professors out there with expertise in areas that relate to my project. Here's the master list:

ANTHR 343 - Chinese Culture and Society
GEOG 272 - East Asia
GEOG 130 - Intro to Human Geography
HIST 347 - Chinese Cultural History
HIST 342 - 20th Century China
HIST 341 - Modern China since 1500
HIST 349 - Asian Religion and Thought
IHUM 240 - Intro to Humanities of Asia
IHUM 290R - Special Study in the Humanities
IAS 201R - Asia, China studies
PHIL 320R - Buddhism

I figure the Chinese scholars probably know a thing or two about Tibet, and the Asian Religion/Buddhism folks know something about Tibetan Buddhism. I'm having a hard time finding who does what by just using the internet, so I'll have to make some visits in the next few days. If organic chemistry would just leave me alone, I could work on it much sooner... Alas, organic chemistry is here to stay (for at least the rest of my college education!). If any of you out there know any professors at BYU interested in Tibet, ethnomusicology, musical geographies, or anything even tangentially related, let me know!

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