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Friday, February 24, 2012

Makin' Some Contacts

Inspired by Rachel and Kristen's presentations today at the inquiry conference, I have decided to see what I can do about getting in touch with musicians in Bylakuppe. There are three that I have been able to find, thanks to musictibet.com.

Namgyal Choeyang
Wants to start music school in Bylakuppe
Tashi Tsering Porangnga
Teaches at Tibetan SOS Children's Village in Bylakuppe
Kundeling Thupten
2011 Lifetime Achievement Award recipient, Tibetan Music Awards
Lhamo (opera) singer
I found these guys, actually, by not searching for them at all, but by trying to find better sources of information about Bylakuppe. Turns out that, just as Dharamsala is often called by its English name of McLeod Ganj, Bylakuppe as a cluster of settlements is called "Dickey Larsoe Tibetan Settlement." Also used is "Lugsung Samdupling Tibetan Settlement." These terms refer to slightly different parts of the conglomeration that is Bylakuppe, but for my purposes now they simply open up the internet search. Putting in "Dickey Larsoe" gave me the goods on these musicians, as well as some sweet info on the area that was hiding before. Finding them put me in the mind of social networking, so...

Through the musictibet.com website, I sent messages to the first two artists. Knowing how well those types of email servers work, I don't have the highest hopes for getting a response. I did find out something interesting through the process, though - Lobsang Wangyal, possibly the most controversial Tibetan who isn't a lama or a politician, runs the website and the Tibetan Music Awards. Wangyal is famous for his hotly debated "Miss Tibet Pageant," and, from firsthand accounts, seems to be quite the character. It would be informative to meet him, that's for sure. 

UPDATE: I may have found Namgyal on Facebook. Here's to friending people on a hope!

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