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Friday, March 23, 2012

Nearing the end...

This is what I'm listening to - don't read this without listening to it too. http://grooveshark.com/#!/artist/Onra/576480
And here's the video that hipped me to this dude: http://lifeandtimes.com/love-on-the-beat

It's that time again. Registration picks up in a few days, and we start looking to the next semester at the same time we're tripping over finals. I love it.

The homework load usually drops in deference to a few final projects and a load of for-serious studying, and most of us try to catch up on all the stuff we never understood about those SN2 RXNs and Boudelaires.

For me, this part of the semester sees a huge increase in listening to music, walking to school barefoot (good morning, starshine), and having fun with family and friends. I hate homework, but I love studying. Homework is almost always, in my experience, so much busy work mixed with the barest bit of useful practice. I'm a junior/senior credit-wise (because of the near dual major and non-applicable credits I got in high-school and community college, I'm a sophomore in reality) with a nearly perfect GPA, so I've played this game successfully for a while now, and I stand by the statement. Students like myself learn best by assigning themselves homework, and I for damn sure don't take classes I don't care about where the teachers have to force me into learning the material. Micromanaging tastes bad. I'm not into it.
Do you know what he's drinking? That's right, a big cup of micromanagement. 

Back to the end-times discussion (eschatology, non?), I am psyched-out-of-my-mind, and have more than a little bit of excited nervousness about getting out of this place and into Bylakuppe. For all the research and communication I've had, I still don't know what to expect, and that is wonderful. I feel like Indiana stepping out onto that invisible bridge in Raiders. I'm excited to be done with all the science and homework for a while (the field studies in-field homework is sissy and actually seems useful, and the rest of what I have assigned for myself is very organic), and to get paid in credits for living with a vibrant Tibetan community and writing about it. Another project proposal is due today, and I'm excited to get that in and on the editing table.

I'm also excited for Conference this next weekend - apart from the wndrfl (see, told ya I don't need vwls) experience that listening to the prophets provides, I get to see my family and hang out in the most idyllic little town in AZ. Yes'm, the last month of school is a good one.

I just wanted to catch y'all up on where I am and what I'm thinking, so there is a bit of it. Peace.

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