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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Now that the IRB is done...

It seems that the most difficult part of the field studies prep class is over. The IRB was a bit of (read: a ginormous) pain, made worse by its inanity. But, hey, it's behind us now! Most of us will have a minor editing session when we get it back, and then we are good to go.

The nice thing about the IRB and its deadline is that we were forced to finish the most difficult parts of the study proposal for the prep class early, and only a few of the easier sections remain. The thing I am excited for now is the chance we have to work on our projects without as much pressure hanging over our heads. As I am sure is the case with most of the other students, I actually care about the subjects I am dealing with in my project, and I would do much of the research even if a grade wasn't riding on it. The class has actually been a wonderful excuse to read cool things about music and the Tibetan people, and to listen to cool music and catch up on and become versed in the musical cultures I have always wanted to learn more about. I get to listen to Jay-Z and pick up hip-hop magazines for school - how boss is that?!

So, anywho, I just wanted to post about how excited I am to have that shizz (mostly) over with. I'll be even more zen when the final paper is done and o-chem grades are finished, but this is the most peaceful the semester has been since the first week, and I am grateful.

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